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NEWS: Academic mobility Special Issue launch

Stuck and Sticky in Mobile Academia - Special Issue Launch

11th March, 12-2 GMT, online event

You are invited to this special issue launch, wherein a panel will present an edited collection of papers on academic mobilities, entitled Stuck and Sticky in Mobile Academia. Discussants include ACUSAfrica contributors Dina Zoe Belluigi and Roxana Chiappa.

The core aim of this special issue was to explore the assumptions and norms underpinning the concepts of mobility and immobility and think beyond this binary, querying the conceptual certainties that are inherent to discourses around academic mobility itself. In this collection of papers, the authors have aimed to capture ways in which mobility and immobility intersect and overlap, where an academic may be both mobile and stuck, for instance.

The collection brings together a range of critical studies of academic mobility, based on qualitative, in-depth studies interrogating different types and forms of mobility across different locations and geographical contexts. The papers in this special issue have contributed towards developing a ‘sticky-stuck’ multi-level conceptual framework that brings together mobility narratives interacting dynamically with framings at macro, meso and micro level.

The special issue was published in October 2021 by Higher Education journal and includes papers on a wide range of different topics relating to academic mobilities. It was co-edited by Charikleia Tzanakou (Oxford Brookes University) and Emily F. Henderson (University of Warwick).

(mostly open access)


This event is supported by the Oxford Brookes University Equality, Diversity and Inclusion RIKE Network (


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