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NEWS: Calls for chapters and applicants for research chairs


Call for book chapter proposals to a collaboratively edited book to reflect on post/conflict academia

Being in shadow and light:

Academics in Conflict and Post-Conflict Higher Education

Call for chapters in Being in shadow and
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Excerpt from the concept note (download from above):

The complexities of academic identity and practice extend well beyond what is visible in our daily professional practice and that which is at the forefront of mainstream research. For higher education to play a significant role in reducing conflict and in promoting peace, justice and humanitarian action within post-conflict reconstruction and development, more knowledge is required about how academics have negotiated the complexity of such transitions. Central questions guiding the curated anthology are:

What are the conditions and trajectories that constitute academic identities and practices when academic and state authority is displaced, in contestation and transition?

What is left unsaid, off the record, outside the room, in whispers about being an academic while negotiating such conditions?

What are the traces, legacies and intergenerational impacts of such differences in influence and orientation for academic cultures?

This book aims to curate eclectic scholarship that draws from varied forms of knowledge and knowing, including diverse knowledge systems, methodologies and modes of presentation. It is anticipated that the text will have a reflective ethos, which will self-critically consider what is being or was learnt, while not ignoring what is lost and what is at stake. We will seek open access options.

See more on section themes, working timeline, review process here.

14 December 2020 Chapter proposal deadline to be uploaded here


Education Research in Conflict and Crisis – Bilateral Research Chairs

Earliest start date1 Sep 2021

Scheme opens date12 Oct 2020

Deadline date20 Jan 2021 - 17:00 GMT

The British Academy is inviting proposals to support bilateral partnership research chairs delivering a programme of institutional strengthening on education research in conflict and crisis.


The main objectives of the chairs will be to:

  • Develop and expand the research strength of their institutions and more broadly their impact nationally, regionally and internationally in the field of education research on conflict and crisis;

  • Develop the institutions’ ability to support, foster and build strong education research cultures that can be sustained over the long-term;

  • Enhance the support for masters and doctoral students;

  • Create research career pathways for early and mid-career researchers;

  • Develop, retain and attract researchers to work with their institutions in the field of education research on conflict and crisis;

  • Develop strong and tangible partnerships between research institutions through the bilateral research chair model;

  • Engage with the FCDO ERICC programme and relevant Country Research Teams to contribute to the overall objectives of the FCDO ERICC programme through their activities;

  • Work with the wider FCDO ERICC programme across these objectives.

Eligibility requirements

The bilateral research chair application must be submitted by a named applicant in partnership with two named institutions, at least one of which must be from institutions in the Middle East, Eastern Africa, Western Africa, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The awarding of a research chair is a full-time appointment and research chairs are required to spend half their time in each of the institutions constituting the bilateral research chair.


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