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NEWS: Upcoming webinars in October 2020

1 October

The Centre for Global Higher Education has an ongoing series of seminars. This is one of interest on the 1st of October - please see more of their events at the bottom.

Surviving a crisis: Resilience, adaptation, and transformation in higher education after the collapse of the Soviet Union

Presented by Emma Sabzalieva, York University, Canada


7 October 2020

One Vision: Collectively Dismantling Racism in Higher Education

Durham University's Annual Race Equality Lecture delivered by Dr Jason Arday, followed by conversation with Dr Tyler Denmead and Tyra Amofah-Akardom (University of Cambridge)

"The cyclical nature of racism means it is enduring and omnipresent. It is interwoven in our institutionally racist fabric and throughout the Academy. The events of the last few months reflect a seminal moment in race relations history which has provided a collective moment of reflection, resulting in a challenging of whiteness and the power and privilege that accompanies this at the expense of Black and minority ethnic communities throughout society’s major institutions. " Dr Jason Arday.


13 October

Online book launch 'Human development and community engagement through service-learning: The capability approach and public good in education'

The author Dr Ntimi Mtawa will launch the book online, hosted by The Chair of Higher education and Human Development Research Group (University of the Free Statte). See below for more details.


Some addition ones coming up, include:

Thursday, 08 October 2020, 14:00-15:00 (GMT)

Shailendra Raj Mehta, MICA

Wednesday, 14 October 2020, 14:00-15:30 (GMT)

Speaker: Prof Tristan McCowan (UCL)

Respondent: Dr Fatima Denton (Director, United Nations University, Institute of Natural Resources in Africa)


If you know of interesting events to share on this forum, please share!


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