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NEWS: Webinar - Refusal as Affective & Pedagogical Practice

Michalinos Zembylas will be presenting a webinar on "Refusal as Affective and Pedagogical Practice" on Tue, April 19, 2022, from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM SAST (GMT +2). This event is hosted by the Black Graduate Students Association and the CRC in Feminism and Intersectionality. Click here to register.

About this event

The questions driving Dr. Zembylas' presentation are: What sort of affective (dis)investment is needed in higher education to refuse the colonial university? How can educators and students in higher education invent ‘pedagogies of refusal’ that function affectively to challenge colonial futurity? What do pedagogies of refusal look like? This presentation theorizes refusal as an affective practice which produces political effects and desires that challenge normative manifestations of power and control. Dr. Zembylas will argue that refusal may constitute a fruitful avenue toward decolonization of higher education, because it directs attention to the affective (dis)investments from/in desires that can be fulfilled by the university. To this end, it is suggested that if the aim is to disrupt the seductive workings of colonial power in its most intimate dimensions, then it is crucial to invent pedagogies that engage with the affective (dis)investments of students and educators in colonial relations.

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