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Seminar: [Mis]recognitions – Black Students' Experiences in Higher Education

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

CriSHET & CANRAD [Re] Directions Seminar | Veli Mbele

This seminar is part of the [Re] Directions/Ukutshintshwa Kwendlela: Knowledge, Praxes and the African-purposed Curriculum seminar series hosted by the Chair for Critical Studies in Higher Education Transformation (CriSHET). It was hosted in May 2018, at North Campus Conference Centre, Nelson Mandela University.

The recent Mandela University student protest around the NSFAS fiasco and tragedy suggests that we need to critically interrogate why and how the Black student experience is continuously hidden under the metaphorical invisibility cloak; across the system. This reproduces an already existing Eurocentric, anti-Black and patriarchal system with its ingrained brutality. How should the Black student activists, as a younger component of the Black revolutionary intelligentsia, play a role in universities to fight against such invisibilisation as central to the fight against colonial domination and its epistemic violences that dehumanise the black body? These questions are tackled by Veli Mbele, an essayist and Secretary of the Black Power Front.

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