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Featured Network: Decolonial Dialogues

Decolonial Dialogues is an online network and shared space for exchanging and advancing ideas and information about the decolonisation of knowledge – through activism, research, inclusive teaching and learning, and creativity. URL:

"Decolonial Dialogues" is the name of an international education network and online shared space, launched via WordPress in April 2020 as a forum for exchanging and advancing ideas and information about decolonial praxis, racial justice campaigning, rights activism, and anti-racist approaches to decolonising curricula - within and beyond Higher Education. Initially conceptualised and co-founded by Indigenous Kabyle education scholar, Riadh Ghemmour (University of Exeter, UK), and British (Caribbean Diaspora) cultural geographer, Dr Carol Ann Dixon (University of Sheffield, UK), the shared space now has a growing international, interdisciplinary team of co-editors (including: Dr Maica Gugolati from EHESS, Paris, and Ahmed Raza Memon, University of Kent Law School, UK), as well as a network of contributing authors with links to Algeria, France, Ireland, Jamaica, Italy, Pakistan, Palestine, the UK and the USA.

Beyond the Home/Welcome page at, the shared space is divided into eight additional sections:

*About us ( - featuring biographies about the site’s contributors, with embedded links to individual research profiles and online portfolios of work summarising respective decolonial and inclusive approaches to teaching, creative learning and knowledge production.

*Seven additional sub-sections: Activism; Creativity (featuring the site’s blog feed); Research (Ethics; Methods; Publications); Teaching & Learning; Your Voice (an online feedback/comments form); Collaborative Networks, and News (showing a clickable monthly calendar of blog posts and listings of forthcoming events, publications, etc.).

For further information, please contact the Decolonial Dialogues co-editorial team via the following correspondence form, social media platform and/or the shared email account:

Co-editors' shared email:

Decolonial Dialogues URL (via WordPress):

Decolonial Dialogues online feedback form ("Your Voice"):

Twitter handle (@decolonialdial1):

YouTube channel (featuring recorded events hosted by Decolonial Dialogues and collaborative partners/networks):


'Featured networks' are a series which highlight networks and collectives which may be of interest to those concerned with advancing Critical University Studies. Contributions are authored by that network members. Proposed features, and network connections and intersections are very much encouraged - propose your contribution here.

ACUSAfrica has been featured as a network of interest by Decolonial Dialogues.


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