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OP-ED: 'Decentring the University' - Reflections by Verne Harris

The recent workshop, "Decentered Critical University Studies in a Techno-Science-Society," provided rich insights that the Acting Chief Executive of the Nelson Mandela Foundation and Adjunct Professor to the Chair for Critical Studies in Higher Education Transformation (CriSHET), Verne Harris is eager to share.

The workshop was a collaboration between CriSHET, the Transdisciplinary Institute for Mandela Studies (TIMS), and the ACUSAfrica network, and was partially funded by the National Research Fund (NRF)

In his op-ed, Verne Harris offers reflections on "Decentring 'The University'" in response to the workshop. Aiming to provoke thought and dialogue on higher education's current and future state, Verne explores some profound questions about the nature and future of universities. He challenges the assumption that universities are inherently 'good', and examines the pervasive influence of neoliberalism that has transformed higher education into corporatized, technocratic institutions resistant to change.

The full article can be found below:

TIMS OpEd_DCUS_Decentring 'The University'_Verne Harris
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