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What is the role of reflexivity in Critical University Studies?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

How can we create collective spaces for (self-)reflexively thinking through the challenges, complexities, and possibilities of Critical University Studies in our research and practice? How can we critique and interrupt harmful systemic patterns in higher education, while understanding our own (unevenly distributed) complicity in those patterns? How can we have difficult conversations without relationships falling apart?

These were some of the central questions posed by the members of the Reflexivity Working Group, which emerged early on within this network, following on from the CUS Winter School held in Port Elizabeth in August 2019. This video was circulated before a virtual session held in December 2019 to discuss these questions and share responses and ideas. We have included the video here for your engagement.  

This video is posted within the ‘Critical Internationalization Studies Network’, which has many overlaps with Critical University Studies in its efforts to bring together those interested in reimagining dominant patterns of relationship, representation, and resource distribution in the internationalization of education.


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