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Seminar: Decolonising Medicine and Health Sciences

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Lieketseng Ned and Dr Chioma Ohajunwa

The presentation on ‘A Praxis Approach to Decolonising Medicine and Health Sciences: Thinking from and with AmaBomvane’ is part of the [Re] Directions/Ukutshintshwa Kwendlela: Knowledge, Praxes and the African-purposed Curriculum seminar series hosted by the Chair for Critical Studies in Higher Education Transformation (CriSHET).

Much has been written about poor health outcomes and health inequities within the South African context, particularly among indigenous people. Although various scenarios have been given to explain these poor health outcomes within existing literature, voices and knowledges of indigenous communities who live with and experience these inequities remain significantly lacking. This has contributed to creating a disconnect between indigenous communities, the formal and indigenous healthcare systems' views of health, including healthcare services and training provided.

In this session, Dr Ned and Dr Ohajunwa share knowledges emanating from the narratives of AmaBomvane, an indigenous community located in the Eastern Cape, and show how collaborative and contextually relevant disease prevention and health promotion work could be facilitated with and from such communities.

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